Half-Life Standard Log Format Specification
Revision 1.03

This document defines a standard format for log messages for all Half-Life mods to adhere to.

Notice This document began as a proposal developed by a group of Half-Life server administrators and utility developers, on the hlds_apps mailing list. Valve Software have now implemented this new format (in TFC, CS and HLDM), and it is included in all client/server releases of Half-Life since version This document can now be used as a reference specification for mod authors and utility developers.

Intended Audience

This document is aimed at anyone involved with HL logging or log parsing -- Valve Software, mod authors and developers, utility developers, etc.


Note The L mm/dd/yyyy - hh:mm:ss: timestamp prefix on log messages is omitted from all format specifications below.

Events - HL Engine

Events - Game


  1. For non-teamplay games, team should be equal to uid.

Appendix A - Code Examples

  1. Example Perl code

Appendix B - Example Log Files

  1. Counter-Strike
  2. Team Fortress 1.5


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