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HLstats Game Support Files
Note that most/all of these are provided by third parties so I can't offer you any help using them.
  • Opposing Force
    Thanks to Sean Cavanaugh from Gearbox Software.
  • Day of Defeat 1.0
    Thanks to Robert E. Lee.
  • Natural Selection 1.02
    Thanks to prodigy.
  • Adrenaline Gamer
    Thanks to dns-tommy.

You might wish to check the HLstats-Community.net Files Page for more third-party HLstats patches, addons, game support files and other useful stuff.

Other Utilities

  • KKrcon
    A handy script which lets you use Rcon from your shell, and a Perl module for building your own Rcon CGIs and applications.

  • HLlog
    A very useful program which provides teamkiller auto-kick/ban features, console ANSI color-coding, player IP DNS resolution and more. (Linux only.)

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>> Latest development source on CVS

You can also find some files here (or here), if you have any trouble with the links above.

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